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Our Services

When we refer to our “Services,” we mean all products and services owned and operated by Minority Business Circle, Inc., including the content, features, tools, data, software and functions made available by Minority Business Circle through www.minoritybusinesscircle.com, and other websites or applications we operate, unless those websites or applications have posted separate or additional terms of service. As of the effective date of these terms, our Services include the following key features:

Using Our Site

By accessing Minority Business Circle you are agreeing to these terms of Use. You may use our site and services only as permitted by law. We may suspend or terminate your access if you don’t comply with our policies or if we are investigating alleged misconduct.


We may send you announcements and other important information in connection with your use of our site. You may opt out of some of these communications at any time.

Community Advice and Reviews

We invite you to share your knowledge and learn from the wisdom of others in the Minority Business Circle community forums.

Access to Financial Product Offers

If you’re looking for a new financial product, you can check out offers from our partners that are targeted to your individual financial situation, along with tools that help you make a more informed decision, like pre-qualification, Approval Odds or loan calculators.

General Requirements

You will need to register for a Minority Business Circle member account to access many aspects of our Services, like grant information, curated vendors, lending vendors, and personalized offers for products and services from our partners. Registering for a member account is optional, but if you do not register for an account, you will not be able to access certain aspects of our Services.

By registering for a Minority Business Circle member account, you certify that:
  1. 1. You are 18 years of age or older
  2. 2. You have a valid U.S. Social Security number
  3. 3. Any information you provide to us, both when you register and, in the future, is and will be true, accurate, current and complete
  4. 4. You are only registering an account for yourself or a business you own
  5. 5. You will keep all information up to date
  6. 6. You will create a unique password to create and access your Minority Business Circle

You must not sell, transfer, or assign your account to anyone else. You must keep your password confidential; you must not share it and you may not allow anyone else to log into our Services as you. You are responsible for all activities that occur under your member account. If you believe that your account is no longer secure, notify us immediately by emailing info@minoritybusinesscircle.com

Third Party Offers

With respect to offers from our partners, we do not guarantee that you will be presented with offers for any particular types of products or services or that you will meet the approval criteria for any particular offer. It is always your choice whether to apply for a product or service offered by our partners and we will never submit an application for a product or service to a partner on your behalf without your consent.

Educational Purposes

All information on our Services is presented for educational purposes only. We do not guarantee that the information we present as part of our Services, is the same information that may be used or reviewed by a third party to assess your creditworthiness or eligibility for any particular product or service.


Minority Business Circle will not represent or provide any legal advice for your personal use or profession use. All Third party business services, coaches and independent contractors associated with our site operate independent of Minority Business Circle. We do not represent their professional organization beyond referral services.

How to Contact Us

A. For any inquires or questions feel free to contact us at info@minoritybusinesscircle.com