Three Ways Your Business Can Survive a Pandemic

Originally posted 3/12/2020 on LinkedIn

Fortunately, by our own efforts, we have created a society which no longer requires a person to person interaction. We can order food through an app and have it dropped at our door with ease. We can facetime a family member eliminating the need to travel to them to see their face. We can log into our emails from anywhere in the world on the smallest devices known to man. We can stream a song, pause the tv, and choose our delivery dates. Consequently, quarantine for a pandemic may be much easier than you think. However, it is those who own businesses that will make some lifestyle adjustments and business adjustments to be able to service clients during a quarantine. Here are three ways your business can survive and pandemic and remain engaged with clients.

Remote Server Access

Ensure the safety of yourself and your employees by setting up a business continuity plan which includes remote access to servers which house your business applications and key information. Utilizing this remote access adjust how you deliver your services. In the case of a pandemic, people are aware services may not be business as usual if the majority of your clients are quarantined. However, for those that offer professional services which require nothing more than some facetime and your computer. Take your business into your home and meet with clients through other means including Skye, Facetime, WhatsApp. You can still deliver advisory services and support their needs from a remote, safe location. Further, employees who can support business services remotely can be positioned to do so. Where the business has not set up remote access to servers’ management can identify a plan of deliverables which can be worked on

Implement safety features for employees

Mask, gloves, first aid kits should be available to all employees during their shifts. Some businesses have resorted to taking the temperature of employees prior to working their shift and periodically during their shifts. A spiked temperature could indicate early signs of sickness. This is a simple and effective method your business can use to determine when to send people home.

Re-market your product or service to speak to client’s new needs

For example, if you are a lawyer there are now several potential clients at home watching TV and interacting on social media. Change your messaging avenues and address unique facts such as “did you know you the statute of limitations on work injury or accident injury is X”. Keeping in mind many people do no do things because they lack the time to address it. For someone within the service industry, your marketing can be geared towards completing the work needed with little to no physical contact with the client. Grass can still be cut without engaging a client. Food can be delivered to the doorstep or the lobby. Where your business is impossible to survive these conditions, the time may be useful for launching new ideas, revamping business plans, and reevaluating your business currently. Seek improvements or ways to serve the new normal.

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Dr. Amera McCoy is an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist who is the Owner and Founder of McCoy Consulting LLC, an organization that offers a suite of services for businesses including advisory, lending, coaching, writing and employee workshops.



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