Four Ways Covid19 Can Help Close the Gender and Minority Pay Gap

If you ever heard, “well, you came into the role at a low salary” to justify why you are not where your peers are currently. Or if a boss has ever told you, “you aren’t ready for a promotion, you need to prove yourself,” yet a male peer, with fewer accomplishments somehow, is maneuvered to a higher role after a few rounds of drinks or golf. If you have ever watched someone take all the credit for your work because what they produced or didn’t produce wouldn’t sell their skills, you are likely a woman who is underpaid or in a lower title compared to your peers.

Believe it or not, a lot of managers and recruiters bring women and minorities into roles lower with the intent for them to “show their skill.” As though their resumes and background do not justify the proper pay and title as would a white male colleague.

COVID19 can change our past narrative of the pay gap and correct many wrongs that women and minorities have experienced throughout their careers. Here are four ways I believe COVID19 can have a positive impact:

Rehiring staff after the pandemic

Employee screening may be streamlined, but it isn’t wholly different from the initial onboarding process. Now is an opportunity to update job descriptions and pay scales to align employees upon return. Th